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Few diseases ravage a person’s life to the extent that drug addiction and alcoholism can. Falling into an addiction of this type will usually result in a person’s entire life becoming derailed. They will more than likely experience a deterioration of relationships, whether this means losing touch with their family or being ostracized by their friends for the things that they do while under the influence. They will more than likely experience financial hardships as their lives become centered around getting their next fix, spending all of their time and money on getting another. They will more than likely experience legal consequences as they are driven to perform riskier and riskier tasks in order to fill their insatiable need for that substance. In the face of all of these consequences they will more than likely not notice that are being driven further into their addiction, and as their obsession takes a hold they will be at a complete loss to stop it.

" This is the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction. It is a disease that operates in the shadows of the mind, convincing its host that it does not exist. "

This is the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction. It is a disease that operates in the shadows of the mind, convincing its host that it does not exist. This may sound like the tagline for some poltergeist film, but if you have experienced drug addiction or alcoholism you know that it is not a specter that you are battling, but a very real and very deadly illness. Many people attempt to fight this battle alone and often it is to no avail. Alcoholism and drug addiction centers in the mind and so attempting to go it alone is like fighting the wind, you know it’s there, but you just can’t seem to hit it. Luckily, in the current age that we live in, there are a plethora of options to get help and there is no reason for you to attempt to get clean and sober on your own.

Residential Inpatient Programs are probably the most popular form of treatment that people choose when attempting to stop abusing substances. They offer the structure and support necessary to give the alcoholic or drug addict a chance to recover from their seemingly hopeless state of mind. The extra support offered by resident inpatient treatment is usually the catalyst for helping someone successfully achieve continuous sobriety, no matter how many times they have failed in the past. That being said, the idea of going away to some place that you do not know for an extended period of time can be overwhelming and many people’s misconstrued notions of what treatment is can lead them to not seek the help that they so desperately require.

What is Resident Inpatient Treatment for Addiction?

Typically, addiction treatment programs can be broken down into two categories: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. These different levels of care offer different services and while both have been successful in helping to stem the tide of addiction, inpatient treatment is usually more effective. The reason being is that outpatient treatment is less intensive and allows the alcoholic or addict to go home at night, whereas with inpatient treatment the patient stays at the facility for the duration of their stay.

The concept behind residential inpatient treatment programs, like the one at Holistic Recovery Centers, is that removing the alcoholic or addict from the environment and circumstances that led to their continued addiction in the first place will allow for their complete focus to be centered on recover. This is achieved by offering a safe, secure, and drug-free environment where they can devote the entirety of their energies to recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Besides this the fact that the patient is at the facility 24 hours a day allows them to receive a more intensive level of support. So if at midnight they start to have a craving and want to go get high, they are in a safe environment where they can deal with this and have the time necessary to reconsider their position.

Residential inpatient treatment programs are based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which identifies harmful patterns of thought and the resultant behaviors while helping individuals to learn healthier alternatives that strengthen their recovery efforts. This is achieved through both individual and group counseling that occur on a daily basis for the duration of the stay. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we also offer many other alternative and holistic treatments in order to enlarge the experience and ensure the additional support that is required to overcome alcoholism and addiction. During the time spent in residential treatment patients are also introduced to the tenants of 12-step programs, having meetings brought into the center, as well as going to outside meeting on a daily basis. The combined efforts of intensive counseling, holistic treatment options, and a 12-step program are one of the main reasons why inpatient treatment is so effective in combating the often elusive illness of addiction.

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Individualized Addiction Treatment at Our Residential Inpatient Facility

At Holistic Recovery Centers, we treat the disease of addiction on an individualized and personal basis. Upon admission to our resident inpatient treatment program, patients will develop a customized treatment curriculum with one of our highly trained recovery strategists. This personalized curriculum ensures that each individual’s specific needs are met during their stay at our inpatient facility. During their stay, our patients participate in the following types of therapy:

· Individual psychotherapy,
· Skills-building and life skills sessions
· Family and group counseling
· Psychoeducational and process groups
· Relapse prevention sessions
· Equine therapy
· Music and art therapy
· Nutritional counseling

We are also certified to treat patients suffering from co-occurring or comorbid conditions, offering dual-diagnosis support to ensure that each individual receives the necessary care for physical and mental health while also receiving treatment for their addiction.


What Makes Holistic Recovery Centers’ Resident Inpatient Program Effective?

Our residential inpatient facility has several unique offerings that ensure our patients receive the quality care that they not only desire but also require. Our staff consists of individuals with extensive backgrounds in the addiction field, ranging from prior counseling and consulting experience to the more personal experience of being former alcoholics and drug addicts themselves. Our 1 to 1 ratio of patients to staff means that every patient will receive the personal care they need and it is this that makes our program that much more effective.

As the name of our facilities suggests, we specialize in the holistic treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. In short, our holistic healing strategies mean that our facilities offer treatments that address multiple levels of recovery. The reason being is because alcoholism and addiction attack a person on every front and so in order to recover from this they must recover physically, psychological, socially and spiritually. With this in mind, we have created a program that addresses all of these facets of a person’s recovery and offer holistic therapies, such as:

· Yoga
· Strength training
· Acupuncture
· Massage therapy
· Guided meditation
· Chiropractic care

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Find Help for Addiction at Holistic Recovery Centers’ Residential Inpatient Program

There are many treatment centers out there, but few who offer the extensive holistic program that we do, in the intimate and warm setting that we have. It is a big step to ask for help and one that can be very difficult, but rest assure that with Holistic Recovery Center you are in capable hands.



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