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Miami Partial Hospitalization Program

Addiction is usually the unintended result of willful substance abuse. What starts out as curiosity spirals into full-blown addiction before the user is even aware they have become physical and psychological dependence on the substance. This is why addiction is so common among adolescents, teens, and young adults because these age groups unknowingly experiment with powerful substances beyond their understanding and wind up getting addicted as a result. Once addicted many do not what to do in order to stop the cycle of addiction and what’s more, given the nature of addiction many still operate under the delusion that they can control their addiction. This delusion is usually persistent until they attempt to stop using and come to the realization that they cannot, no matter how strong their willpower is.

Aside from curiosity, it is not uncommon for substance abuse to start out as a form of self-medication, with individuals abusing alcohol or illicit drugs in order to alleviate symptoms of pain, or some pre-existing mental or emotional condition. Many who suffer from some undiagnosed condition besides addiction find that when they use certain substances their symptoms are alleviated and they can operate in the world in a more agreeable manner. The problem with this is two-fold, in that in the process of numbing their physical, emotional, or psychic pain, they are actually becoming addicted, which will in time result in worse damage than the pre-existing condition, and they are never truly addressing the underlying cause that brought about the condition in the first place. Regardless of the circumstances that led to chemical dependency in the first place, the reality is that individuals who abuse chemical substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, or any number of other addictive substances, put themselves at increased risk with each passing day.

" Many who suffer from some undiagnosed condition besides addiction find that when they use certain substances their symptoms are alleviated and they can operate in the world in a more agreeable manner. "

When many envision an addict they conjure up images of a dirty individual, sleeping in alleyways, panhandling and stealing for their next fix, devoid of any of the characteristics that made them human at one point. They picture a monster, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Granted the actions that many addicts and alcoholics take in order to satiate their indelible need for drugs or alcohol are monstrous, but they are not bad people, they are sick. People who suffer from alcohol or drug dependency have an illness that is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual, and they are people that look just like you, live in the same neighborhood as you, or possibly even the same house as you.

Unlike the collective image of the addict drawn up by society, the destruction caused by addiction to one’s life is very real and very devastating. Due to the devastation that can be wrought by addiction, many addicts seeking to get clean sober need a program that offers partial hospitalization, like the one offered at Holistic Recovery Centers.

What is Partial Hospitalization Treatment for Substance Abuse?

Holistic Recovery Centers’ treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction range from residential inpatient to outpatient treatment. In the former, individuals reside at one of our facilities for the duration of their stay, while the latter allows patients to continue to live at home while receiving a somewhat less intensive treatment regimen. However, in between these two levels of care is Holistic Recovery Centers’ partial hospitalization treatment program.

In our partial hospitalization program (PHP), patients can continue to live at home on an outpatient basis while still benefitting from the structure of a daily treatment program. In short, partial hospitalization treatment offers individuals much the same level of care as the residential inpatient program, but without requiring the patient to uproot their life and live at one of our facilities for the duration of the program.

Holistic Recovery Centers’ partial hospitalization program combines the best of both residential inpatient treatments, with the best of intensive outpatient treatments. This allows individuals to benefit from the structure of daily addiction treatment while still experiencing the comforts of living at home. Through our partial hospitalization program, many patients have learned how to live as productive, sober members of their community and their journey began just like yours.

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What Can I Expect at Holistic Recovery Centers’ PHP Program?

The Holistic Recovery Centers partial hospitalization program for alcohol and drug addiction affords patients an intensive level of high-quality evidence-based psychotherapy and counseling, which is intended to end the destructive patterns of thought the lead to the development and continuation of addictive behaviors. The partial hospitalization program consists of:

· Individual and group skills-building sessions
· Individual and group psychoeducation
· Addiction education
· Relapse prevention sessions
· Private and group family therapy
· Support and treatment for dual-diagnosis patients
· Other traditional forms of therapy

As our namesake suggests, patients participating in our partial hospitalization program will have access to a wide variety of holistic and supplemental treatments, which they can personalize their program with in order to suit their personal needs. Among the holistic and supplement forms of treatment that they can choose from are:

· Yoga
· Guided meditation
· Well-being sessions
· Chiropractic care
· Massage therapy
· Acupuncture
· Nutritional education
· Physical education

The ultimate goal of the partial hospitalization program at Holistic Recovery Centers is to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of addiction, and to help our patients achieve lasting and continuous sobriety. Our well-rounded programs seek to give every opportunity possible to attain this while allowing them still have all of the creature comforts of home.


How Our Partial Hospitalization Program Can Help You Find Sobriety

When entering the partial hospitalization program for drug and alcohol addiction at Holistic Recovery Centers, each patient will work with one of our experienced and knowledgeable addiction counselors to create a personalized treatment curriculum. This ensures that our partial hospitalization program addresses each patient’s specific recovery needs. We have found that this maximizes our patient’s chances at achieving successful and continuous sobriety.

Incoming patients will also receive a psychiatric evaluation and assessment in order to determine which of our psychotherapeutic treatments would be most beneficial. During the assessment, any co-occurring conditions are identified so that they can be addressed with the proper level of care and medication if necessary. Many addicts and alcoholics suffer from an undiagnosed pre-existing condition and part of achieving a meaningful and healthy sobriety is understanding and dealing with any underlying mental health issues. Many people have been brought to a relapse by avoiding or delaying seeking help for their mental health issues, so here at Holistic Recovery Centers, we do our utmost to ensure that this does not happen to our patients.

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The partial hospitalization program is one of our several high-quality holistic addiction treatment programs offered at our luxurious facilities. Our program is staffed with people who have extensive experience in helping patients to overcome the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of chemical dependency.



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