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Miami Outpatient Program for Addiction

The road leading towards addiction to drugs and alcohol is different for every person. Some traverse this path for a short period of time with little to no devastation being brought, while others travel it to completion, leaving broken relationships, legal woes, and financial ruin in their wake. Some start their path on this road by sheer accident, through a surgery that leads to pain medication, while others had a more willful start, experimenting with illicit and illegal drugs. Some were drawn to this path by boredom, some by excitement, some by a loss, and others by a win.

What was experienced along this road was different as well. Some addicts suffered from a large number of physical health concerns during their addiction. While others experienced more psychological or mental health issues as the result of their addiction. Still, others experienced the spiritual pain associated with addiction, or they experienced any number of combinations between all three.

" Some addicts suffered from a large number of physical health concerns during their addiction. "

The infinitely different paths forged by the addict means that their roads back to recovery will need also to be different. Not everyone suffered in his or her addiction in the same manner, nor were their reasons for starting the same, so what people need in order to recovery will reflect this. This is what we believe here at Holistic Recovery Centers. That each individual must be treated for the variation of addiction or alcoholism that they suffer from.

While there is only one disease, the way that it is manifested can vary tremendously depending on who the person is, or what substance they are abusing. No matter what your addiction looked like you can recover, and regain your independence through our targeted, comprehensive addiction treatments.

What is Outpatient Treatment for Addiction?

Treatment for addiction tends to fall into one of two categories: inpatient or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is rather intensive and requires the patient to live at the facility for the duration of their stay. Outpatient treatment is not as intensive as inpatient treatment in that the patient can continue to live at home, while still experiencing the benefits of the groups offered to inpatient patients. This form of treatment tends to be the first choice for people who have never attempted recovery before, but it can also be used as a form of aftercare or continued care for people completing residential or inpatient programs.

Outpatient treatment tends to be most beneficial to those who have work or familial obligations that they cannot miss. These obligations mean that they cannot just uproot their lives for a period of time and stay 24-hours a day in treatment. The flexibility offered by Holistic Recovery Centers’ outpatient treatment program will allow for these obligations to be met while still offering the support necessary for someone to get sober.

Holistic Recovery Centers’ outpatient program also allows for people who have budgetary concerns when it comes to treatment, the ability to recover in one of our private and luxurious treatment centers without the cost usually associated with inpatient treatment. We believe that just because you cannot afford an inpatient program does not mean that you should not be afforded all of the support and treatment options necessary for you to recovery.

Lastly, Holistic Recovery Centers’ outpatient treatment program offers a more private way to get sober, in that since you are carrying on with your daily life, your absence will not be felt or held up to scrutiny. A major concern for many people, especially working professionals, is that their addiction will be made public and they will suffer both socially and professionally because of this. As far as the public has come in understanding the disease of addiction, there is still a stigma attached to being an addict or alcoholic, and our outpatient program offers you the ability to maintain your anonymity while still getting the help you need.

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Services Offered at Holistic Recovery Centers’ Outpatient Program

Similar to our other programs, the outpatient addiction treatment program at Holistic Recovery Centers treats the particular effects of addiction that each individual patient has or is experiencing. Our outpatient program allows you to recover at your own speed, addressing your particular needs in a manner that is tailor suited to you.

Although this program is a condensed treatment program, this does not mean that there has been a sacrifice in treatment quality. Every patient still receives the same high level and quality of counseling, therapy, psychoeducation, and other essentials of recovery that patients in our other levels of care would receive. We also offer comprehensive dual-diagnosis support to those patients suffering from co-occurring or comorbid conditions. This is an important inclusion to our program as many alcoholics and addicts suffer, sometimes unknowingly, from more than just addiction. Through our dual-diagnosis outpatient program, our patients can learn to be free from their addiction, as well as any pre-existing conditions.

Included in our outpatient program is an array of holistic treatments, that target not only the behavioral and physical deterioration brought about by addiction but also the social and spiritual aspects as well. Our outpatient program seeks to heal the entirety of the patient and not just a particular aspect of their life. Some of the of holistic and supplemental treatments that we offer are:

· Skills-building sessions
· Yoga
· Guided meditation
· Chiropractic care
· Acupuncture
· Physical education
· Nutritional education
· Massage therapy

All of these treatments combined with our traditional therapies result in an outpatient program that gives our patients the best chances for recovering from addiction while still being to carry on with the daily goings-on of their lives.


How Our Miami Outpatient Program for Addiction Can Help You

At Holistic Recovery Centers, we believe that each and every one of our patients deserves the best possible chance to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. When it comes to addiction, no two individuals suffer the same way, which is why Holistic Recovery Centers’ outpatient treatment program affords individuals the tools and means that they personally need in order to recover. Our recovery specialists and trained clinicians are with you every step of the way, treating any issues that may come up, as they come up, and adjusting your treatment plan to reflect this. Customizable treatment curriculum is just one way that Holistic Recovery Centers sets itself apart from many other treatment centers, and our staff is another. Each of the members of our staff has either personal, educational, or work experience with the disease of addiction, and they know what it takes to attain lasting and meaningful sobriety. Your needs are always in the forefront of their minds and this is reflected in the level of care that we offer here.

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Left untreated, alcohol and drug addiction leave good people helpless to destructive compulsions and behaviors. It is a chronic and progressive illness that gets worse and never better. Holistic Recovery Centers can offer those suffering from chemical dependency a second chance.



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