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Alcohol and drug addiction does not occur overnight. It is a slow burn that sneaks up on you, usually resulting in your being in its clutches before you even realize. Years of research and study have shown alcoholism and drug addiction to be a chronic and progressive brain disease. This means that it is long-term, in this case lasting the duration of a person’s life, and that it gets worse over time. As far as the medical community has come in defining drug addiction and alcoholism, there is still much that they do not know. For instance it is widely accepted that there is a genetic component to the illness, meaning some individuals through no fault or influence of their own will be more susceptible to the development of addiction then others, but how and why this is passed from generation to generation is still a mystery. It is also thought that there is an environmental component to the illness. This means that given the correct environmental factors someone with latent alcoholic or addict tendencies could cross that thin line from recreation into addiction. Once this line has been crossed there has been no proven treatment to allow that person to drink or drug like a “normal” person again.

" Alcoholism and drug addiction is also one of the only diseases that will attempt to convince the person afflicted that they do not have it. "

Alcoholism and drug addiction are also some of the only diseases that will attempt to convince the person afflicted that they do not have it. Due to this, people tend to underestimate the addictive power of drugs and alcohol, believing that they can control their recreational use. This usually results in the person becoming physically addicted before they are even aware of it. This can be a startling realization when you attempt to stop using or drinking and find that you cannot because of the physical reaction of your body. This physical reaction, or withdrawal, stems from the body’s physiological need for the substance being abused, and it can be extremely uncomfortable, leading many back to the drink or drug in order to stave off the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are perhaps the most nefarious part of an addiction. They are what many people think of when they think of drug addiction or alcoholism, and for the person with the addiction, they are a constant anxiety. This anxiety to not feel the horrors that can be withdrawals is what drives a great many addicts to continue to use even in the face of the destruction. Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on individual physiology, the amount that was being used, and the substance that was being used. However, there are a number of withdrawal symptoms that are common to all individuals suffering from an addiction. They are:

· Anxiety
· Restlessness
· Trembling and shaking
· Nausea and vomiting
· Cold sweats and chills
· Hot flashes
· Irritability and agitation
· Headaches
· Loss of appetite

For those with a less serve addiction, withdrawal symptoms are mostly just uncomfortable and can be dealt with at home. However, withdrawal symptoms for those individuals with severe addictions can be more dangerous, resulting in serious bodily injury, relapse to avoid feeling the uncomfortability or even death.

Why Medical Detox is Important Before Beginning Treatment at Holistic Recovery Centers

More often than not, withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening, though they may feel like they are. There are however exceptions to this rule, and alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal do have the potential for life threatening complications. For many though the uncomfortability caused by withdrawals is the real concern, and it is enough to deter many individuals from attempting recovery. In fact, fear of withdrawal is probably the primary motivator for continued substance abuse in people who would like to stop. This is understandable, as anyone who has experienced the pangs of withdrawals will tell you, it is not something they would wish on their worst enemy. The severity of many withdrawal symptoms is why it is important to go to a medical detox program before attending Holistic Recovery Center. Imagine attempting to sit through daily counseling sessions and groups while in the throes of withdrawal. It is not a pleasant image and not one that we want you to experience, so attending detox before our treatment center will help to avoid this scenario.

The Holistic Recovery Centers’ medical detox program for alcohol and drug addiction serves as a prelude to one of our addiction treatment programs and is meant to be the period during which our patients’ bodies are cleansed of drugs and other harmful toxins. At Holistic Recovery Centers, our central goal during medically supervised detox is to the keep patients safe during their process of detoxification and to alleviate as much of the pain and discomfort brought about by withdrawals as possible.

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What to Expect during the Medical Detoxification Process at Our Miami Detox Program

Individuals entering our medical detox program for drug detox or alcohol detox are assigned comfortable accommodations at one of our luxurious, private, and serene treatment facilities, which offer a full selection of amenities as well as beautiful locales. While going through the detoxification process at Holistic Recovery Centers, our patients receive around the clock personal care from our experienced addiction treatment professionals, whose only goal is to make the experience of detoxing from alcohol or drugs as comfortable, safe, and pain-free as possible.

Having to worry about experiencing withdrawals and what recovery will be like after is a lot and at Holistic Recovery Centers medical detox program we understand this and strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Detox can be difficult, but with the support and tools that we offer, it does not need to be impossible.


How Does Holistic Recovery Centers Manage Withdrawal Symptoms?

Individuals participating in Holistic Recovery Centers’ detox program will be offered medicinal interventions when necessary in accordance with Florida Treatment Policies and Procedures. This is intended to eliminate as much of the pain and discomfort associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal as possible. Moreover, as part of our addiction detox program, patients will receive 24-hour personalized care, which allows us to monitor their progress through detoxification as well as identify and manage each patient’s withdrawal symptoms. Personalized care is important during the detox process, as each person’s physiology and substance of choice makes what they require unique to them. Our staff is acutely aware of this and will tailor your stay at our program in order to meet your needs.

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Take the First Step Towards Freedom from Addiction at Our Miami Medical Detox Program for Alcohol and Drugs

Making the decision to finally go to treatment can be extremely frightening. No matter how intolerable our lives have gotten while drinking or drugging, it is all that we have known, and stepping into the unknown is just about the most fear-provoking thing that a person can do. Besides this, the fear that withdrawal symptoms lay just around the corner can weigh heavy on a person and delay their decision to go to treatment. Well stop delaying and start healing today. Going through withdrawals during alcohol and drug detox may not be easy, but at Holistic Recovery Centers, it can be made much more comfortable.



Our medical detox program for alcohol and drug addiction is designed to help you cleanse your body of harmful chemicals and our medicinal intervention can help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. If you or someone you love is suffering from chemical dependency and would benefit from Holistic Recovery Centers’ medical detox program, call us today at 1-877-723-7117. Our trained professionals are here to help see you through this trying and difficult time.

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