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Miami Intensive Outpatient Program

The intention is never to become addicted. The intention is to experiment, have fun, blow off some steam, or rebel, but all too often this experimentation turns into something else, something well beyond the control of the experimenter. The usage, which was occasional, becomes more and more frequent, and as a tolerance is built the amounts needed to get the desired effects increases. This pattern continues and before too long there is a psychical and psychological dependence. Once this has occurred the path of addiction is set, all without the person ever being the wiser.

No matter how many times people say that you can become addicted to drugs or alcohol, most people who experiment scoff at this idea. Most believe, especially in the beginning, that this will not happen to them. That they are better than that and if they needed to they could put the substances down. To them addiction is just some far away concept, something that won’t touch their lives because of any number of reasons that they come up with, ask and they will tell you. They know themselves and know that they have the willpower to stop whenever they need to, but they just don’t want to, at least not today, but maybe tomorrow.

" The intention is never to become addicted. "

This is the thinking that permeates someone suffering from an addiction, especially during the early stages of addiction. It is a disease so cunning and baffling that it will often convince those afflicted with it that it does not exist. Even after the full effects of addiction are felt in someone’s life they can still believe that they don’t suffer from it, and often the worse they get, the more deluded their thinking becomes creating a never-ending loop of disease filled self-talk, pushing them further and further into addiction.

Being in the throes of active addiction can be a very dark time in an individual’s life. More often than not it is a time when that individual will squander many opportunities, become financially destitute, destroy most, if not all, of the relationships in their life, and ruin their health. However, despite the horrific nature of the disease of addiction, recovery is attainable. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we offer programs for individuals at any stage in the addiction or recovery process. Whether it is someone early on, still grappling with the self-identification necessary to overcome the illness, or someone in the later stages, homeless, aware of their addiction but unable to stop. We offer levels of care to address each individual person and what they individually need in order to attain lasting sobriety. Our intensive outpatient program is one such program that we offer.

Why Holistic Recovery Center Suggests Intensive Outpatient After Rehab

Most treatment programs fall into one of two categories: inpatient or outpatient treatment. Although there is some overlap in each type of treatment, like the focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and some other particular therapies offered, there is a major difference between these two levels of care. Inpatient treatment requires patients to live on-site at the facility for the duration of the patient’s stay. This is seen as a more intensive level of care, as the patients will benefit from 24-hour supervision and only be allowed out of the facility for outside meets and other approved activities. Outpatient treatment is less intensive, offering a more flexible schedule, and allows for the patient to live at home during their treatment. That being said, Holistic Recovery Centers intensive outpatient program is designed to offer the best that our inpatient level of care has to offer with the comfort and flexibility required by certain patients.

Many of the patients participating in our intensive outpatient program where graduates of our inpatient program and this offers them a gradual release back into society, while still offering the extra support that they may need. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we don’t believe that our job is done once the program is concluded, and so that is why we suggest intensive outpatient after the completion of inpatient treatment. People who participate in our IOP program have a better chance of maintaining their sobriety because the reality is that recovery can be a struggle during those early months and without the needed support to prop you up during those days it can be exceedingly difficult.

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What You Can Expect at Our Miami Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP program offered at Holistic Recovery Centers is not as intensive as our residential inpatient treatment but it is much more flexible, allowing patients to live at home while completing the program. As such, the program is somewhat of a hybrid of both residential inpatient and outpatient treatments.

While enrolled in our IOP program, individuals will attend daily treatments and therapies much like they would in our residential inpatient program however, the intensive outpatient program has a somewhat condensed curriculum. This allows individuals to experience the benefits offered by our holistic treatments but in a more restricted time frame. Like our other programs, the intensive outpatient program is heavily focused on individual counseling and psychotherapy, group and family counseling, psychoeducation sessions, skills building, and life skills sessions. Patients can also personalize the Holistic Recovery Centers IOP program by incorporating any of our holistic and supplemental therapies that address their individual needs. These therapies include:

· Acupuncture
· Massage therapy
· Chiropractic care
· Adventure therapy
· Yoga
· Other therapeutic recreational activities


What Makes Holistic Recovery Centers’ IOP Program Different?

As our name suggests Holistic Recovery Center emphasizes the importance of holistic treatment in the treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our intensive outpatient program is no exception to this and this means that we focus on total recovery, recovery of a physical, psychological, social, and spiritual nature. We believe it is necessary to treat addict on all levels if our patients are to achieve the successful and continuous recovery that they desire.

Patients enrolled in our IOP treatment program can recovery in our luxurious facilities that offer beautiful and serene locales, allowing for optimal relaxation. Our treatment centers incorporate the latest technologies, ensuring that patients have access to the tools that allow them the best possible chance for recovery.

Holistic Recovery Centers intensive outpatient program consists of treatments and therapies run by industry-leading experts and pioneers in the addiction recovery field. Each member of our staff has extensive experience with addiction and recovery, either through personal, or educational and work related experience. This allows us to offer the highest level of treatment possible, making our intensive outpatient program the best of its kind.

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Learn How to Stay Sober at Holistic Recovery Centers’ Intensive Outpatient Program

Addiction is different from other diseases. It develops from a confluence of diverse factors. Though it is a progressive, chronic, incurable disease of the brain, recovery is still attainable with the sufficient strength of will and effective treatment. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we don’t merely provide treatment for a disease, but rather a means of comprehensive whole-life recovery.



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