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The disease of addiction is an extremely complicated condition, having factors that lead to its development ranging from biological, social, environmental, and mental. It is like no other illness known to humanity, and while other diseases do affect those people closest to those that suffer, none effect those people in the way that addiction or alcoholism does. Alcoholism or drug addiction cuts through relationships and can lay ruin to familial connections in a matter of months. The worst part about the disease is that to many on the outside it looks like willful ignorance and neglect on the part of the addict.

Few people who have a loved one suffering with the disease of addiction can see the disease for it is, which causes great confusion and often tremendous anger. They are left wondering why the addict is doing the things they are doing and why they just can’t stop. Even worse if you would ask the addict these questions, they would more than likely have an answer for you, but in the quiet of the night, alone with their thoughts, they are mostly just as baffled as anyone else.

" That being said this comprehensive treatment must also take into account the variety of personality types and physiologies that people who suffer from addiction have and must address each of their individual needs in order to achieve an effectual recovery. "

The disease of addiction lurks in the shadows, manifesting itself through strange behaviors and the consumption of substances, which often act as a smokescreen to hide its nefarious goal of destroying the person it inhabits. To speak of the disease of addiction is to speak of something that appears to be living and breathing, as it can shift focus and shift its expressions, all in an attempt to keep itself alive and strong. How often have we heard of someone getting clean off of opiates only to pick up the drink, or vice versa. It attacks on all fronts and through any means necessary, which makes combating its effects all the more difficult.

Due to the tricky nature of this disease, effective treatment and recovery require a comprehensive program including all available means in order to treat it. That being said this comprehensive treatment must also take into account the variety of personality types and physiologies that people who suffer from addiction have and must address each of their individual needs in order to achieve an effectual recovery. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we acknowledge the diverse needs of those suffering from chemical dependency and this acknowledgement has resulted in our offering a range of holistic therapies that foster bodily, mental, and spiritual wellness.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse?

With national rates of addiction climbing to new heights, the epidemic of drug addiction and alcoholism in this country has resulted in a dire need for individualized treatments that take into account all aspect of the disease of addiction. Backed by scholastic research, our belief here at Holistic Recovery Centers is that a comprehensive, holistic approach to recovery is a necessity if long-term successful recovery is to be achieved. Our primary focus with our holistic addiction treatment is to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety through a variety of treatment and therapies that address each patient’s physical health as well as the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual symptoms that accompany chemical dependency.

It is not uncommon for individuals to confuse holistic addiction treatments with homeopathic cures, home remedies, and improvised treatments, but this is a fallacy. By definition, holistic medicine refers to a form of health care that accounts for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being with the ultimate goal being to optimize a person’s health and total state of wellness. In practice, this means that a variety of natural and alternative treatments and techniques will be utilized in conjunction with more contemporary medicinal and clinical therapies so that both the physical and mental wellness of our patients can be addressed, allowing them to overcome their underlying spiritual and emotional troubles.

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Holistic Recovery Centers Helps Patients Achieve Recovery of Mind, Body & Soul

When receiving care in one of our high-quality addiction treatment programs, patients at Holistic Recovery Centers will receive the essential psychotherapy and counseling that form the basis of an effective recovery program. Our patients build vital skills that allow them to sustain long-term sobriety by receiving both individual and group counseling. However, it is our variety of holistic addiction treatments that offer true personalization and make the experience of addiction recovery both more pleasurable and effective.

For the animal lovers, Holistic Recovery Centers offers canine-assisted therapy, which helps to facilitate positive changes in self-concepts by fostering an alliance with animal companions, and equine-facilitated therapy in which patients learn to care for, groom, handle and interact with horses. This has proven to be great for the treatment of depression and anxiety, fostering self-esteem and confidence, and many other proven benefits.

For those more artistically inclined Holistic Recovery Centers offers a whole range of creative arts therapy, affording our patients the opportunity to connect with their inner self while finding liberation in expression through art, music, dance, drama, and poetry. For a more introspective approach, we offer coloring therapy and journaling, which afford calm relaxation and reflection. Whichever way you chose to express yourself, Holistic Recovery Centers has an art therapy for you.

We also afford our patients the opportunity to participate in brainwave biofeedback, or neurofeedback, which is a noninvasive technique that improves one’s overall self-concept, as well as improving their overall outlook on life. We also encourage our patients to take advantage of massage and bodywork therapies, which align the body, mind, and spirit by releasing physical tension and improves the flow of energy throughout the body. In addition, we also offer acupuncture, yoga, and Tai Chi, which improves balance and overall health. Meditation and guided spirituality sessions offer a forum in which individuals can heal from within. We also offer hypnotherapy as a means of accessing a patient’s subconscious or underlying issues and allows for a heightened sense of awareness through an altered state of consciousness.


A Personalized Holistic Treatment Plan Just for You

No two individuals suffer from addiction in exactly the same way, which is why we feel that each patient must be treated individually in order to achieve optimal results. Upon admission, each patient will receive an in-depth, personalized psychiatric evaluation and assessment in order to identify their specific recovery needs. From this evaluation, they are then able to customize one of Holistic Recovery Centers’ comprehensive programs to suit their needs, which allows them to enhance their treatment experience.

As part of the admissions process, each patient will work with our experienced and knowledgeable counselors in order to develop an aftercare plan, which allows us to ensure that each individual’s post-treatment recovery needs are addressed in order to ensure lasting abstinence and sobriety. Due to the high level of individualization of our recovery curriculum, graduates of our holistic addiction treatment programs have shown high rates of success and we have seen recidivism reduced.

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