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The disease of addiction is a complex, often confounding, and profoundly devastating condition. It is characterized as a chronic, progressive disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors, which manifest itself through excessive and usually compulsive abuse of substances that lead to psychological and physical dependence. As if this were not enough, the disease originates in the brain and it uses the addict’s mind as its defense mechanism against being eradicated. What this means is that someone who suffers from addiction will often not believe that they are an addict or alcoholic no matter how many signs and symptoms prove otherwise. This is because the obsession and compulsion override the ability to think rationally and due to this many addicts and alcoholics suffer from the delusion that they are still in control.

The disease of addiction is like no other on the planet and so counteracting it can be a difficult proposition. This in part because the initial solution to the disease is also the very thing that leads to its progression and the eventual downfall of the addict, that is drugs and alcohol. That is correct. Drinking and drugging are not what characterizes an alcoholic or drug addict, but is rather a by-product of suffering from the illness of addiction and a temporary solution to its effects. This means that if you have the disease of addiction, drugs, and alcohol are not your problem, but rather the disease resting squarely in your mind is the problem.

" The disease of addiction is like no other on the planet and so counteracting it can be a difficult proposition. "

Many former alcoholics and drug addicts will attest to the fact that they needed to drink or drug in order to overcome a fundamental feeling of lacking that could not be satisfied in any other manner. When their solution, drinking or drugging, was removed the lacking would return and therefore they would be called to act by satisfying their obsession and compulsion to drink or drug. The problem is that every person afflicted with an addiction will arrive at a point where the drugs and alcohol no longer satiate their needs and this is said to be the jumping off point.

Once someone with the disease of addiction reaches that jumping off point there are really two options for them: get the help that they require and learn to live a happy, useful, and whole life without drugs and alcohol or continue to attempt to satisfy their addiction with ever-growing amounts of substances that will no longer work. For many, the former decision is a difficult one, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step for many is to attend a drug and alcohol treatment center, like the one offered at Holistic Recovery Center.

Unfortunately, there is no singular pill or a one-size-fits-all therapy that can rid addicts or alcoholics of drug dependency, but comprehensive addiction treatment programs comprised of a number of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments allow individuals to regain their independence through the addiction recovery process. Therefore, it’s essential for those in need of rehabilitation to recover at a facility that offers quality care and treatment, and Holistic Recovery Centers offers care of only the highest quality.

Holistic Recovery Centers’ Quality Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are several important characteristics that distinguish a quality drug and alcohol rehab from those that are not. They are:

· The treatment approach
· The accommodations
· The staff

Compared to other facilities, Holistic Recovery Centers is unique in that rather than treating addiction merely as a disease, we work with each patient to develop a comprehensive whole-life recovery plan that not only treats the particular symptoms of addiction but also addresses the many profound effects the disease has on one’s quality of life. Additionally, our drug and alcohol treatment facility offers beautiful, serene, and private surroundings in which each individual can focus on recovery in total comfort. Private living quarters are available upon request and we utilize the latest technologies in our accommodations.

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What to Expect at Our Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Taking into consideration that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to treating the disease of addiction we employ different treatment programs in order to account for the variety of treatment needs that our patients will require. We do this by allowing all incoming patients to personalize our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program to meet their specific, individual needs. Our methods have proven to be highly successful because it treats each individual for what they are particularly suffering with, rather than homogenizing or standardizing treatment so that it’s the same for everyone. This is an important distinction between Holistic Recovery Centers model for drug and alcohol treatment and other facilities. We believe that what works for one addict may not work for another and given the differences and unique personalities that each of our patients has, what they will require during the duration of their stay will differ as well.

Each member of our staff at our addiction treatment centers has extensive hands-on experience with addiction, either by overcoming dependency themselves or through previous work in the addiction recovery field. As a result, we pride ourselves on having only the most knowledge, understanding staff members who not only grasp the weight of your situation but who are also there to help you map out your individual recovery and work towards lasting sobriety.


Services Offered at Our Quality Miami Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Our belief at Holistic Recovery Centers is that with effective treatment and the right quality of care, anyone can overcome the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. Individuals enrolling in Holistic Recovery Centers drug and alcohol treatment program can take advantage of a selection of time-tested, evidence-based treatments for overcoming chemical dependency. The programs offered at our alcohol and drug rehabs are rooted in the most effective counseling and psychotherapy techniques, consisting of both individual therapy and group counseling sessions. Individuals are also encouraged to participate in our psychoeducational and process groups, which equip our patients with the tools and skill necessary to prevent a relapse.

We also incorporate family and friends into the individual treatment plans, giving our patients the ability to restore relationships at home and in the workplace within the safe space we provide whilst they are in treatment. Reconnecting with loved ones or simply making amends can weigh heavily on someone newly sober, and we have found that starting this process while in the safety our treatment facility with our trained professional to help guide, can go along in beginning to fix the damage of the past.

We also offer treatment for dual-diagnosis patients, addressing their physical and psychological needs, which we have found significantly reduces their chances of relapse. Many people who suffer from addiction also suffer from an underlying condition that needs to be addressed concurrently with their attempt to get sober. Without addressing both the underlying condition and the addiction, many people fall back into drinking and drugging in order to deal with the feelings that they have.

As our name suggests, we also offer a number of alternative and holistic treatments to enrich our patient’s recovery experience. This is what makes Holistic Recovery Centers more comprehensive than the average drug and alcohol treatment center. We offer such activities as
· Yoga
· Guided meditation
· Acupuncture
· Massage therapy
· Chiropractic care
· Physical education
· Nutritional education

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As part of the individual recovery programs, we help our patients to develop a comprehensive, long-term aftercare plan in order to ensure their success after completion of our program. It’s important to tailor recovery to the needs of each individual addict, which is why our programs are comprehensive and fully customizable every step of the way. As a result, our rehabilitation facilities have had enormous success in helping alcoholics and drug addicts overcome their addictions.



If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs and would benefit from a free consultation, Holistic Recovery Centers can help. Call us today at 1-877-723-7117 for an assessment by one of our experienced recovery specialists so that you or your loved one’s recovery journey can begin now.

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