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Alumni Program

Indelible to the human spirit is the need to connect. It is this connection that drives many of us to seek out community wherever we can find it and without a sense of community, a feeling of longing can set in that is not easily quelled. It is this longing for community that leads some drug addicts and alcoholics to the substances that eventually ruined their lives. Centered around their usage a social group arises and in the counterculture revolving around drug usage and heavy alcohol consumption, they found the acceptance that they so desperately needed.

Losing this connection is frightening to many alcoholics or drug addicts who are attempting to get sober and the question is frequently posed, what will happen to all of my friends once I get sober? They tell you that you need to replace people, places, and things, and many people balk at this idea because they are afraid of losing their community, and further, they are afraid of having to create a new community. The reality is that many of the people with whom you were friends with while using will no longer be a part of your life. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth. While there may have been some form of friendship, a majority of the relationship was focused on the use of substances and so with their removal from your life, you will find that you do not have as much in common with those people as you thought. This will in time lead to a mutual parting of ways because the common denominator is no longer there.

" Regardless of what occurred to you while drinking or drugging, in respects to your relationships, it still does not take away from the fact that you will need to create a new community once sober, one centered on a life of sobriety, with supportive and loving people. "

Interesting as well is the fact that many who sought companionship through the usage of substances, eventually found themselves isolated from people by those very substances. What started out as drinking to have a good time at the party eventually turned into drinking alone, either because everyone had left you, or you engaged in a self-imposed isolation as a result of fearing your own actions while under the influence.

Regardless of what occurred to you while drinking or drugging, in respects to your relationships, it still does not take away from the fact that you will need to create a new community once sober, one centered on a life of sobriety, with supportive and loving people.

Holistic Recovery Centers’ alumni program seeks to help you with creating this new community because we know that early sobriety can feel incredibly lonely. You are facing yourself for the first time in years maybe, and are dealing with either the fact that you have ruined many of the relationships in your life, or are going to experience a growing apart from your current friends. This means that the dangers of relapse are ever-present and so once you complete our residential inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs, our alumni program is there to give you the much needed extra support.

What is the Alumni Program at Holistic Recovery Centers?

Upon completion of a Holistic Recovery Centers drug and alcohol treatment program, graduates are invited and encouraged to join our alumni program. Our alumni program is an exclusive group comprised of the accomplished and caring staff members at our facilities and the men and women who have completed our treatment programs. This gives people graduating our programs the opportunity to not only start to create a new community but also remain a part of our ever-growing family, affording them a number of different benefits.

The alumni program is an ongoing social and communication network in which program graduates can establish and maintain lasting relationships with the counselors and other staff members who have helped them to overcome their addiction and reset their life on a sober and healthy basis. Members of the alumni program will receive regular newsletters and correspondence that allows them to stay up-to-date with the progress of Holistic Recovery Centers’ facilities, exclusive alumni social events, and ongoing access to our facilities’ resources.

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How Our Miami Alumni Program Can Help You in Early Recovery

Studies have shown that graduates of a treatment program are most at risk of a relapse in the first months after their discharge. In terms of percentages, as many as 35% of people who graduate from treatment programs return to treatment within the next year. It has also been shown that those who stay sober for a year after completing a treatment program have a 50% greater chance of staying sober long term. This means that it is essential for those who are newly sober to receive continued care and support in order to minimize or prevent their chance for relapse and ensure continued and successful sobriety.

Integrating our alumni support network, consisting of Holistic Recovery Centers’ knowledgeable staff and other program graduates, into a newly sober person’s support system means that the individual can benefit from having continued access to the resources that helped get them sober during the time that they need it most. Early sobriety can be a precarious time and making use of all of the resources available can make the difference between continued sobriety or a relapse.


Our alumni program can also help individuals with their reintegration back into society. With the extent of our network, we can help our alumni to find local support groups and other resources that they may need. We can even assist individuals in finding employment and financial planning, helping to minimize the stress often associated with transitioning back into the community.

We can also help with the often stressful and frightening experience of creating a new community in sobriety. Knowing people who have already traversed this path and who can help you navigate it, and can bring you into the fold is extremely helpful. Knowing people in our alumni network can make going to meeting easier, as you will already know people who are there and will not have to feel alone. It will also make breaking the ice with new people easier because you already know some familiar faces.

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Join the Holistic Recovery Centers’ Alumni Program in Miami Today & Stay Connected

Completing a residential inpatient or outpatient program at Holistic Recovery Centers is an achievement worthy of pride; however, the journey doesn’t end at graduation. Our caring staff members and prior graduates have formed a supportive network in which new graduates can remain involved in our ongoing events while taking advantage of our strong support network and facilities’ resources.

Having to create new friendships and a new community can be a frightening task, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our alumni program is here to help make this transition as easy and painless as possible. Our staff and former graduates genuinely care and are here to help you with whatever you may need. So upon completion of one of our programs, be sure to join Holistic Recovery Centers’ alumni program.



If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction or would like to learn more about our alumni program and how staying connected can fortify one’s recovery, call Holistic Recovery Centers at 1-877-723-7117 today. One of our recovery strategists is on-call, waiting to give you a free consultation and match you with one of our high-quality, holistic addiction treatment programs.

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