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Sex Addiction Therapy

When we think about addiction, we often associate it with alcohol and drugs; however, there are actually a number of behavioral addictions that can be extremely damaging, too. In fact, some behavioral addictions can wreak as much devastation as alcoholism and drug addiction, which is why it’s important to be knowledgeable about these behavioral addictions and how to treat them.

Although it may not be the most common form of addiction, sex addiction has become a topic of considerable conversation, particularly in recent years. Since it’s one of the more controversial addictions, many people find it difficult to attribute the level of seriousness that’s historically been reserved for substance abuse problems to sex addiction, but ongoing research has legitimized sex addiction and garnered more empathy for individuals who suffer from this condition. But what, exactly, is sex addiction? And how can a person find treatment for sex addiction in Miami, Florida?

" What Exactly is Sex Addiction? "

The most accurate way to describe sex addiction is as a progressive intimacy disorder, but this tends to be misleading to the mainstream. For one thing, referring to sex addiction as an intimacy disorder could be seen as an implication that sex addiction is more a social issue than anything else. However, that is not actually the case. In truth, sex addiction has a few important resemblances to chemical addictions that cement its status as an actual addiction. In particular, as a person loses control over his or her sexual behavior, the increasingly frequent and extreme sexual behaviors have greater effects on his or her life and overall health. Moreover, an individual who suffers from sex addiction must intensify the sexual behaviors — in other words, more frequent and extreme sex acts — to achieve the desired effects, which parallels the way that an alcohol or drug addict needs more of the substance as his or her tolerance increases over time.

It’s appropriate to think of sex addiction as a blanket term for a number of different types of compulsive sexual behavior. In other words, it’s not necessarily the frequency with which an individual has sexual intercourse with others that are indicative of sex addiction. Instead, someone with sex addiction may masturbate frequently, feel a frequent need to view pornography, and/or spend lots of time having “phone sex” by calling hotlines. Of course, there can also be extreme behaviors, too, including exhibitionism, voyeurism, frequent use. Whatever the actual behavior may be, having a sex addiction essentially means that the behavior is so frequent that it’s affecting the individual’s health and life. In short, the frequent sexual acts have negative consequences.

Effects of Sex Addiction

But what are those negative consequences? Compared to the physical harm that’s caused by habitual substance abuse, sexual intercourse might seem relatively harmless. This is true when a person’s sexual behaviors are within the bounds of what’s natural and healthy, but when sexual behavior becomes an individual’s primary drive and focus, the repercussions can be surprisingly severe. For one thing, frequent sex acts with unfamiliar or unknown individuals — which is a common occurrence among individuals who suffer from sex addiction — puts a person at very high risk of contracting sexually-transmitted and blood-borne illnesses. Moreover, sex acts put a person in a vulnerable situation, so when the partner is someone unknown, there’s a possibility that the partner could assault or harm the individual.

Sex addiction can have a momentous effect on an individual’s relationships. Those who suffer from sex addiction tend to put more value on situations in which he or she can participate in sex-related acts than in most others, often causing them to forfeit time that could have been spent with family members and close friends. In fact, preoccupation with sex acts makes it difficult to maintain most relationships while also addicted to sex. Romantic relationships are particularly difficult when an individual suffers from sex addiction as it either puts overwhelming pressure on the partner to satisfy the addict’s sexual desires or causes the addict to seek additional partners to supplement his or her sexual needs.

There may also come a point when a person’s sex addiction affects his or her career and professional opportunities. For instance, the individual might be increasingly absent from work due to needing more time for sex acts. Similarly, the continuous fixation on sex will likely inhibit work performance, putting job security and longevity at risk.

Recovery is Possible

Overcoming Sex Addiction

Fortunately, there are resources available that can help with overcoming sex addiction. However, it’s important to be aware that sex addiction often requires professional assistance to overcome it. The main reason why professional help is often necessary is because sex addiction is often caused or related to significant underlying issues, particularly ones related to past relationships and traumas. Therefore, a successful recovery from sex addiction will require the individual to address those underlying issues with professional assistance through therapy and counseling.

Being that sex addiction is a form of addiction with a strong social component, it makes sense that recovery from sex addiction would have a social component, too. Many individuals who have overcome sex addiction have found group therapy to be an invaluable resource for recovery. Not only does sex addiction group help individuals to realize that they’re not alone in their struggles, group participants often pick up valuable tips, information, and coping strategies from others in the group. Moreover, group settings offer a source of continuous encouragement and support from individuals who can understand and relate to what it’s like to suffer from sex addiction.


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Many individuals who continue to suffer from sex addiction have simply not found an effective strategy for coping with these compulsive urges and have insofar failed to identify the source of these urges. Part of the sex addiction recovery process involves addressing the complexities of sex addiction, the impact that addiction to sex can have on various interpersonal relationships, and learning strategies that will help individuals to free themselves from the grips of sex addiction. In short, sex addiction recovery helps individuals to regain control over their behavior, health, and lives.

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At Holistic Recovery Centers, sex addiction treatments and group sessions are facilitated by an experienced and licensed sex therapist. Through a variety of groups and holistic treatments, participants will gain valuable insight into the root causes of sex addiction as well as create openings for profound growth and transformation. Compared to other offerings in Port Miami, Florida, Holistic Recovery Centers addresses sex addiction with cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused group therapy, and supportive-expressive psychotherapy, among others. Over the course of treatment, patients gain a new perspective on relationships and healthy sexuality by learning how to process and communicate about sex in appropriate ways.



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