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Life-Skills Training in Miami for Addiction

One of the biggest challenges that someone new to recovery can face is learning to readjust to their normal lives again. Once a person completes a drug treatment program and is ready to go back home, the realities and pressures of life can become overwhelming, leading them back to the drink or drug. In order to help the individual re-assimilate and learn to function within society again, it is absolutely imperative that they learn the basic life skills necessary to navigate their new sober world.

" Each addict or alcoholic comes from a different background and has different needs "

Life skills training is the teaching of the skills necessary in order to competently and sufficiently operate within society, allowing the newly sober individual to experience all of the gifts that their sober can bring. When a person undergoes life skills training, the tools and tips they receive will help them to accomplish their goals and as a result, live up to their full potential. Since each addict or alcoholic comes from a different background and has different needs, the life skills that they will need to acquire in order to not only maintain their sobriety but also to be successful in their lives will be different.

Why is Life Skills Training Important When Treating Addiction?

Many alcoholics and addicts who enter into treatment lack the basic life skills necessary in order to take care of themselves. Whether these skills were forgotten in the haze of addiction or just never learned, the fact remains that many addicts and alcoholics are ill-equipped to handle life. This inability to handle life is something that drives many addicts and alcoholics further into their addiction, and when this occurs they become even less likely and less able to acquire the skills necessary to combat their illness. Life skills training helps those who are newly sober gain the confidence and self-esteem they need in order to take care of themselves and grow into the functioning adults that we know they can be.

How Holistic Recovery Centers’ Life Skills Training Can Help

When you enroll in one of Holistic Recovery Centers’ treatment facilities, you will be given the life skills training that is essential to your recovery. You will learn the basic essential skills that are needed in order to take care of yourself, look after your health, and meet any and all daily responsibilities. Once you partake in our life skills training you will be able to handle any of life’s stressors, which will help in preventing a relapse.

At Holistic Recovery Centers, we offer life skills training in the following areas:

Assistance in Developing a Basic Routine

While having a daily routine may seem obvious to most people, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can often forget even this most basic of life skills. It is important to implement a routine, which is structured and includes a proper sleep schedule, regular exercise, work, and familial commitments, and recovery-related activities. When the newly sober person learns how to plan their day, they are able to stay productive and can prioritize those things that will help in their recovery.

A strong daily routine, which is filled with productive and healthy pursuits, helps those in recovery focus on the present. When a person’s day is filled with productive obligations, there is little to no room to dwell on the past or the future. When all other tools fail a strong routine is often a recovering addict’s lifeline.

Learning How to Budget Finances

This is a skill that many addicts and alcoholics are severely lacking in. It is a very difficult task to budget your finances when all of your funds are going to substances, which also, in turn, makes it difficult to hold down a job, further driving the cycle of budgetary neglect. At Holistic Recovery Centers, we offer the services of a financial advisor and other professionals who can help those who are newly sober put their finances in order.

Additionally, those in recovery can learn how to save and invest the money they earn in order to provide financial stability and peace of mind. When those in recovery take complete control of their money and how it is used they are able to live confidently and securely. Proper money management also helps to minimize stress and worry which are possible catalysts for relapse.


Finding New Hobbies

Those who come to Holistic Recovery Centers for drug treatment will learn that an important life skill is finding a hobby that they are passionate about. Addiction is all consuming and many addicts spend their days focused solely on the attainment and usage of drugs. As a result, the hobbies that they once enjoyed, or could have possibly got involved with, are forgotten.

Our clients are encouraged to enjoy activities such as, reading, learning a musical instrument, learning to cook, or any other number of hobbies and interests that you could think of. These activities also help fill the recovering addict’s day with positive things that promote growth and change.

Developing Communication Skills

A crucial element in our life skills training is the development of healthy communication skills. Addicts and alcoholics are often not able to effectively community their feelings or thoughts and many have spent years bottling up how they felt, learning to shut down rather than open up, and any form of communication that does occur is usually based in deceit and is destructive rather than promoting growth. As a result, their relationships with family, friends, and other loved ones become dysfunctional. By developing effective communication skills, those newly sober individuals will be able to reconnect with their loved ones in an honest and open manner, possibly creating better relationship than they ever had in the past. Besides giving the ability to reconnect with loved ones, learning effective communication skills allows the individual to properly process and work through their emotions, many of which have been suppressed for years.

Employment Assistance and Coaching

It is not uncommon for addicts and alcoholics to lose their jobs and experience lengthy periods of unemployment during their active addiction. With no income, they struggled to meet their daily responsibilities and often had to rely on family and friends in order to help supply them with such basic things as food and shelter.

At Holistic Recovery Centers, we offer employment assistance and coaching, as part of our life skills education training. Through the help of an employment coach, those partaking in our programs will learn how to go on an interview, write a resume, and use all of the resources available to them, in order to obtain employment. Having a job is crucial in boosting self-esteem and self-sufficiency, and we will give you all of the tools necessary to get one.

School and Education Assistance

An important part of life is knowing when you need to make change that will benefit you in the long run. For many in recovery this means going back to school, or finally attending a school of higher education. Having a solid education not only increases one’s chances for success in the workforce, but also the attainment of knowledge enriches the life in a way that many could not imagine.

Whether you have a desire to finish your high school education, go to college, or enter a trade school, Holistic Recovery Centers provides educational assistance that you will help you to achieve your goals. We can help in the applying for financial aid, or help in your search for the right school. Whatever it is that you need, we can help, because at Holistic Recovery Centers, we understand that having an education is of paramount importance.

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Building Life Skills is an absolute must if the addict or alcoholic hopes to live a happy and well-adjusted life. Holistic Recovery Centers will provide you with the life skills training and education that you need in order to attain this. Call us toll-free today at 1-877-723-7117 and learn about our life skills education program and other treatment services that we offer. Make recovery your reality today.



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