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Individual Therapy for Addiction in Miami

Every year millions of people who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse enter into drug treatment facilities in order to break the cycle of addiction. While the basis for most addictions is the same, an obsession of the mind and an allergy of the body that creates a compulsive need to ingest substances, the way that the addiction is expressed in the individual can vary dramatically. This difference in the way that addiction is expressed in each individual’s life is due to the difference in physiology, psychology, life experience of the individual, and the substance that they chose to abuse.

" These individualized therapy programs are created through addressing the specific and unique needs that each of our patients have "

Since each person’s addiction is manifest in unique ways, this means that there cannot be a one size fits all approach to their treatment. What may work for one person may not work for another and with this in mind, Holistic Recovery Centers decided to offer individualized treatment plans. These individualized treatment plans are created through addressing the specific and unique needs that each of our patients have and this allows for them to experience the treatment that they require, giving them the best possible chance for recovery.

Individual Therapy Programs Are Necessary When Treating Addiction

As previously stated, every person entering into drug treatment will require different things in order to achieve recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Our patients come from different backgrounds, were addicted to different substances, may or may not have underlying medical or mental health issues, and may or may not come from an environment where there is a history of substance abuse. Additionally, people develop their addictions for various reasons. Some people became addicted early in life, experimenting with powerful substances that they did not understand and were trapped in addiction before they even knew. Others developed an addiction because of the soothing effects the substances had on an underlying issue they had. While still others developed an addiction later in life, after a surgery or some other predicament introduced them to painkillers.

Effective drug treatment facilities understand that each of these factors must be taken into account when attempting to treat a person who is afflicted with a substance abuse problem. It is not enough to just remove the drugs or alcohol from their system, but personal and individual issues must be addressed as well. For instance, if the person is suffering from an undiagnosed form of depression, if this is not addressed through the course of treatment then the person’s chances for staying sober in the long-term are greatly reduced. This means that an effective treatment facility, like Holistic Recovery Centers, must offer individualized treatment plans in order to best serve their patients. We also believe that our therapists, counselors, and other treatment support staff must be given the autonomy to be able to modify these individual treatment plans, in order to better suit our patients’ needs in real time.

Principles For An Individual Therapy Program

When a patient first enters treatment, our treatment staff will perform comprehensive evaluations on that patient in order to assess where the patient currently stands and to appraise what their needs will be during their stay. From that assessment, our trained recovery specialists are then able to create a treatment plan, drawing from a variety of therapeutic techniques, medications, and other ancillary services in order to create a plan of action for the patient’s stay. This is done to ensure that the patient will receive the care that they need for the duration of their stay and not fall through the cracks, leading them back out to drinking or drugging. All too often people attend treatment, only to return back to treatment within the following year. This may be in part because the person is not ready to get sober, but another factor is that their individual needs were not addressed during their stay in treatment. Whether this means that their un-diagnosed mental health issues continued to be un-diagnosed, or some trauma in their life was not addressed, the result is usually the same and their recovery is precarious, usually leading them back to a drink.

At Holistic Recovery Centers we employ a set of principles in order to create these individualized treatment plans, which include the following:

• The facility will offer multiple therapy options that can be combined when needed.
• The facility will address all aspects of the person, their physical health, and their emotional and psychological needs.
• The facility will treat any co-occurring disorders, which lie at the root of a client’s addiction.
• The facility will offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options since both can help addicts achieve long-term recovery.
• The facility will actively monitor substance use and address relapses that may occur during the treatment process.
• The facility will test clients for any infectious diseases and make the appropriate treatment referrals.
• The facility will offer educational programming for all of its clients, as well as family therapy along with individual and group therapy.

Following these principles allows us to offer the best in individualized treatment plans for our clients and allow them to have the variety of choice necessary in order to create meaningful sobriety.


Holistic Recovery Centers’ Unique Individual Therapy Program

When you enroll at one of Holistic Recovery Centers’ facilities for drug treatment, our experienced and highly credentialed staff will help you create and implement an individualized addiction treatment plan. This plan will include any number of our holistic-based approaches to treatment, that seek to address the addict’s needs while restoring their body, mind, and soul. We utilize a healing based approach that addresses the underlying causes of addiction in a treatment environment which is safe and nurturing.

As part of your addiction treatment plan, our staff draws from a variety of effective and proven treatment options including:

• Individual and Group Therapy Sessions Building Life Skills
• Private Family Sessions and Groups to Restore Serenity in the Home
• Psycho-Educational Groups including Process Groups for Relapse Prevention
• Psychiatric Evaluation Combined With Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plans
• In-Depth Aftercare Planning to Continue Recovery after Treatment

Many of the treatment staff members at Holistic Recovery Centers are in recovery themselves, so they understand the struggles that are associated with getting sober. With compassion and respect, they will be able to effectively guide you towards a recovery-based life, full of healing and hope.

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Quality drug treatment will give you the best chance at long-term sobriety. Since drug treatment is a substantial commitment of both your time and money it is important that you find a treatment option that will suit your needs, helping you to achieve your goal of long-term sustainable recovery. Part of this is finding a treatment center that allows for an individualized approach, taking into account all that you have been through, in order to determine what you will need to succeed. Being addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a dehumanizing experience and so having a treatment center that truly understands how you feel and offers care that is tailor fit for your human needs is exceedingly important.



At Holistic Recovery Centers, we offer a wide array of effective and proven therapy programs that can be individualized to meet your unique and specific recovery needs. So take the first step to freedom and call Holistic Recovery Centers toll-free today at 1-877-723-7117.

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