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Family Addiction Program

Holistic Recovery Centers offers a wide variety of treatments and services in order to not only help you get and stay sober but also to help you grow into your new found life. We offer therapies that can help you heal from your past, and meet future challenges, restoring harmony and balance to your life.

A challenge faced by many people who seek treatment is how to deal with their family. It is no secret that drug addiction and alcoholism rips through families. A familial unit that was once close-knit can become shattered, leaving members of the family on opposite sides of a battle, no longer speaking. It is saddening what this disease can do to people and often it seems illogical that it should have that effect. Many addicts and alcoholics believe that they are not affecting anyone but themselves but once the smoke clears and the damage can be assessed, it becomes clear that this could not have been further from the truth. Luckily, sobriety has been known to work miracles and even families that were torn apart years before can be amended and brought back together in peace and love.

" Sobriety has been known to work miracles and even families that were torn apart years before, can be mended and brought back together in peace and love "

Understanding how important family is in regards to recovery, Holistic Recovery Centers offers an addiction family program in conjunction with our substance abuse treatment program. We believe that family habits and behaviors can be instrumental in either continuing the cycle of addiction or breaking it once and for all. So with the help of our trained staff, we hope not to just mend the family, but to create it a new, all while allowing our patient the space and time that they need in order to overcome from their addiction.

The Role of Family in Addiction Treatment

It is not uncommon for families to blame the totality of the infighting and chaos on the drug addict and alcoholic, and while to a certain extent this is true, it does not explain why many problems still persist after the drug addict or alcoholic has been removed. These problems may be related to the alcoholic or drug addict, in that their behaviors have affected the fabric of the family, allowing for a morality and behavioral change to occur in order for the family to co-exist with the disease of addiction, but in some instances the problems of the family are not entirely the addicts doing.

Some of the things that continuously plague the family of a drug addict or alcoholic are long-standing resentments, difficulties communicating, co-dependency, enabling, and a host of other underlying problems that continue to keep the family sick, even after the removal of the alcoholic or drug addict. For these reason counseling for the family is suggested in conjunction with treatment, as it often comes as a surprise to the loved ones of an addict or alcoholic that they themselves will need to change in order to help the person afflicted overcome their illness.

To many, this may seem unfair and some family members will balk at the idea of working on themselves in an effort to help the addict get better. They may think to themselves, “I didn’t do any of this, why do I need to change anything, it is not my problem it is theirs” and while there is much validity to this statement, it fails to address the enormous impact that addiction has had on the family. Addiction changes those around them and often times never for the better until a concerted effort is made to change. Addressing the underlying familial troubles that helped the addict stay sick can do wonders in helping aid the recovery effort.

In other cases, the family is ready to change. They know that they have been co-dependent and need to make the behavioral changes necessary to stop this. In these particular cases, family counseling can really have a dramatic impact on the lives of the family and help to clear a path for uninterrupted recovery. Besides this, addressing the hurt and anger that is left after addiction is important if a family is to move on and grow together through new found sobriety. While the negative behaviors of active addiction may have stopped, they have left wounds that will not just heal on their own. It is important that family members feel as if they have a place to voice their concerns, hurts, and fear so that they can work through their anger and feelings of grief.

Along with comprehensive holistic treatment services, our family program can be instrumental in helping people heal from addiction and move forward with life. Recovery brings new and miraculous possibilities for not only individual growth and health, but also growth as a familial unit, with increased intimacy, improved communication, and healthier ways of expressing emotions.

What to Expect from Our Miami Family Program

Family therapy is first and foremost a safe and secure environment. Too often, people come together to air their concerns, fears, or feelings with the best of intentions, but without the needed skills to do so in a safe, non-judgmental manner. From this, things escalate and instead of healing wounds, new ones are created.

This is why family therapy through Holistic Recovery Centers’ family program is so important. It allows family members to work on underlying issues, communicate thoughts and feelings, and share information without the escalation, accusation, and judgment that can happen in emotionally charged situations. With a highly trained clinician present, real progress can be made, and as family members become more comfortable, issues come to the surface in a manner that is safe for everyone, resulting in true progress and healing.

The counseling that occurs while a person is being treated for addiction is often the first form of therapy that they have ever had in their lives. This means that the possibility for change is very real. During this time, the better the family’s issues are addressed, the better chance there is for a change in the family level as well. If for no other reason but to air grievances and expose to the light everything that has been held uptight for so many years.


The Family Program at Holistic Recovery Centers

At Holistic Recovery Centers, families can participate in the recovery process with their loved one. Through private family sessions and groups, the family will gain an increased understanding of the addiction and recovery process. This increased understanding often times leads resents that have been long held to melt away in an afternoon, as families begin to realize that their loved one is sick and not a moral defunct person. We believe that recovery isn’t just for the individual with the addiction, but rather it is for everyone that was touched by the addict while in their active addiction. The more involved the family is in their recovery process, the better chance the addict has to succeed.

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