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Miami 12 Step Addiction Program

Holistic Recovery Centers in Miami, Florida is proud to offer the best in holistic treatments, effective therapies, and the latest in addiction treatment. In addition, we have also integrated the principles and tenets of the 12 steps into our treatment programs.

Why the 12 steps? For over 75 years 12 step addiction treatment has worked in helping to free millions of people, the world around, from the shackles of alcoholism and addiction. It has time and time again proven to be one of the most effective treatments for combating alcoholism and drug addiction.

" The 12 steps are the essence of the program, and they have been effectively getting and keeping people sober for nearly 75 years. "

Not only that, but participation in a 12-step program after the completion of a rehab treatment program has shown to greatly improve the chances for continual sobriety.

We believe that a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to treatment that includes counseling, group therapy, holistic treatments and the precepts of the 12 steps offers our clients the best possible treatment for addiction.

History of 12 Step Programs

The existence of twelve step programs almost never came to be. The threads that wove together in order to result in their creation were slender, but one fateful choice by AA’s co-founder Bill Wilson allowed for the 12 steps to come into being.

It was in 1935 that the bedrock on which all modern 12 step programs was laid. Bill Wilson was in Akron, Ohio for a business venture that eventually fell through. He was 6 months sober. This wasn’t Bill’s first time being sober, he previously attempted and failed to get sober through hospitalization, and through the Oxford Group, a precursor to AA that was Christian based. His sobriety was tenuous at best and after the failing of his business dealings he went to the hotel lobby. This is where the destiny of 12 step programs lay in the balance. He saw a bar on one end of the lobby and knew that he could find the solace and companionship he so required there. He also saw a phone booth and knew, because it was a part of what he had learned in the Oxford Group and his time in Town’s Hospital in New York, that he could call a local church in an attempt to find another drunk to help. Bill choice to pick up the phone and was directed to a local doctor in town who had failed to get sober numerous times over the past years, that doctor’s name was Dr. Bob Smith.

Bill went back to New York after helping Dr. Bob and a third man in Akron named Bill Dotson get sober and the groundwork for 12 step programs were laid. Bill would continue to carry this message he had discovered on the East Coast, while Dr. Bob would do the same out in Ohio.

In 1939 the book Alcoholics Anonymous was released and this is where the 12-steps were introduced to the larger public. AA’s success rate was so astounding in helping curb the tide of alcoholism that many saw it is one of the most important movements in the early 20th century. Before AA there were other groups that attempted to help the alcoholic or drug addict find sobriety, but they often failed for various reasons ranging from religiosity to monetary. AA however was able to navigate these aspects. For instance in the 12 steps it refers to God, as we understood him, allowing for a broad spectrum of beliefs to be incorporated into the program, resulting in AA being a program that emphasizes spirituality and not a particular religion.

In 1940 John D. Rockefeller Jr. threw a dinner for Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help spread the word for this fledgling group and this coupled with Jack Alexander’s 1941 article in The Saturday Evening Post helped many alcoholics who would have died otherwise find the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 steps.

In 1953 Jimmy Kinnon started the first Narcotics Anonymous group in California. They were given permission to use the 12 steps, which they varied slightly in order to better suit the needs of drug addicts, and in 1954 they published their first book, known as the Little Brown Book.

Since this time many iterations have been made of the 12 steps, including Overeaters Anonymous, Co-dependents Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Al-anon, and hundreds of others. All of which have been wildly successful in helping people overcome their obsessive and compulsive behaviors.

What is the 12 Step Based Model for Addiction Treatment?

The 12 step addiction treatment model is based on the complete abstinence from substances. It holds the belief that addiction is an incurable disease, but it can be treated and arrested through the employment of the 12 steps. Though some people initially had a problem with the disease model of addiction, it is widely accepted, not only in 12 step programs but also within the medical and governmental communities as well.

The 12 steps are the essence of the program, and they have been effectively getting and keeping people sober for nearly 75 years. The 12 steps are spiritual in nature and when many newcomers look at them, they think they are foolish. They usually have issues with the word God and they also usually take issue with the 4th and 5th step, not wanting to divulge their secrets to another person. While many take issue at first, as time goes on they begin to see the benefits of the 12 steps and in time eventually, realize their necessity in overcoming the deadly illness they are afflicted with.

Probably the most well-known aspect of 12 step programs are the meetings. Many people have preconceived notions about what meetings are like, because they are depicted in a certain way in movies and television. They envision a bunch of sad sacks sitting around in a circle discussing how miserable their life is without drugs and alcohol and how every day is a struggle. This, however, could not be further from the truth and anyone who has attended more than a handful of meetings can attest to this. Meetings are the place where you will find your community and the sense of belonging that many addicts and alcoholics so desired throughout most of their lives. They are a place where you will meet some of your closest friends, while also finding freedom from the bondage that drug or alcohol abuse had you in for so many years.

At Holistic Recovery Centers, we encourage our clients to develop a support system based in a 12 step program, and this is the reason that we not only bring our clients to outside meetings but also have meetings brought into the facility. The sooner that someone is introduced to 12 step meetings and the 12 steps that are their basis, the sooner they can begin their road to a happy and free life.


The Value of 12 Step Integration at Holistic Recovery Centers

While there are addiction treatment centers that do not integrate the 12 steps into their programs, Holistic Recovery Centers acknowledges that 12 step addiction treatment works, and in conjunction with counseling and other methods of treatment has been proven to provide the best long-term outcomes for recovery from the disease of addiction and alcoholism.

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Experience the Results of 12 Step Based Treatment at Holistic Recovery Centers

If you are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and are ready for a change, contact Holistic Recovery Centers. Our program offers services that focus on the whole person, not just the addiction. Call us today at 877-723-7117 for more information.



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