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Daniel Joh

Daniel Joh began his career at Holistic Recovery Centers in February of 2015. After completing the program at HRC as a client, Daniel chose to enter the field of substance abuse treatment as a behavioral health technician. Given his passion for his personal recovery and dedication to Holistic Recovery Centers, Daniel has a relatable and extremely powerful way of communicating with clients. As a result of his unique and effective ability to interact with clients, Daniel was promoted to Halfway Coordinator and Client Specialist. In addition, Daniel completes the majority of HRC’s transports and is often the first staff member that clients interact with upon arrival to treatment center. Daniel believes in the importance of providing a smooth transition for the client and takes time to individually build rapport with each client through sharing his own experience. Due to the versatility of Daniel’s position, he provides a constant form of support for HRC clients as they transition through each level of care provided by Holistic Recovery Center’s treatment team.