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7 Ways to Calm Your Anger in Sobriety 6 Oct 2017

7 Ways to Calm Your Anger in Sobriety

“If we were to live, we had to be free of anger. The grouch and the brainstorm were not for us.”

 – Alcoholics Anonymous pg. 66

There is sometimes a misconception that getting sober means that all of your issues will go away. Where this misconception comes from I am not entirely sure, but many who are newly sober come in thinking that they will be struck lily white in a matter of months once they put down the drugs or alcohol.

Those who have been sober for a little while can remember this way of thinking and now looking back on their time in sobriety can laugh good-natured in the folly of that thinking. While getting sober does mean that many of your grosser handicaps, like dishonesty, stealing, infidelity, and others will be removed, it does not mean that you will not still struggle with certain issues that you may have dealt with for most of your life.

One such issue that many face is learning to deal with their anger in sobriety. Being sober they understand that anger in sobriety is not conducive to living a sober or spiritual life, but with that said, they also find themselves incapable of pulling back their anger or curbing their emotional outbursts. They can see and feel the anger bubbling under the surface and yet no matter how hard they try it boils over causing them to act out and feel regret later on.

So while the following will not totally remove your anger in sobriety, as only therapy and continual work on yourself will help you to deal with extensive anger issues, they can help you to quell your anger in sobriety and learn not to react so quickly.

7 Ways to Calm Your Anger in Sobriety

  1. Meditate

Meditating is a great way to help curb your anger in sobriety because by starting off the day with a good meditation session, you help to quiet your mind and find space between your thoughts. Many times when people struggle with anger in sobriety, it is because they are incapable of stopping the thoughts that pile up and lead to their outbursts of anger. By working meditation into your daily life you can learn to calm yourself down and learn to not let things bother you as much.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to help you calm your anger because by expending physical energy you are less apt to hold on to whatever it is that was bothering you. Also with exercise, you release endorphins that help you experience an overall sense of wellbeing that can negate feelings of anger. Not to mention that when you spend a half hour or hour exercising you are taking your mind off of what is angering you and allowing the logical side of your brain to kick in again.

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  1. Pray

Praying is another great way to deal with anger because often times when we are angry it is because of something that someone else has done. When we pray we come to God with the understanding that we are all equal and all in need of forgiveness and when this occurs it makes it more difficult to stay angry with someone. This doesn’t always work, and even sometimes it can increase the anger since you are focusing directly on what is bothering you, but it is always good to try.

  1. Take 3 Deep Breaths

Many times when we at the boiling point where anger is about to consume us, by simply taking 3 deep breaths we can bring ourselves back from the precipice. It may sound overly simple, but next time you feel anger taking over, just remember to breathe and see if you don’t calm down. It is important as well that you focus on your breaths when you are taking them, as it can calm down the mind and allow you to stop the anger in its tracks.

  1. Take a Step Back

There are times when it feels like nothing we do can help us with our anger. We may become so outraged by a situation or a person that all we want to do is just lash out at them. When this occurs, we need to force ourselves to take a step back from the situation and reevaluate. There are few things in life that cannot wait 5 to 10 minutes, and by simply removing yourself from the situation and contemplating it you can save yourself an angry outburst.

  1. Write About The Situation

There are those situations in life that seem to just constantly produce anger regardless of the time that has passed or the amount of time spent in prayer about it. When you find yourself repeatedly getting angry over the same situation, over and over again, try sitting down and writing about it. You may gain some new insight that releases you from the angry, but even if you don’t, at least you are taking steps to deal with it.

  1. Talk to Someone Else

When all else fails phone a friend. There are many times in life that calling a friend or trusted acquaintance can mean the difference between making a mess of a situation and handling it properly. When you feel anger washing over you and you just can’t seem to shake it, call a friend and talk out the problem with them. Often times this can help calm you down so that you can move on.

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