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10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love in Sobriety 13 Sep 2017

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love in Sobriety

It is universally agreed that practicing self-love is a good thing, yet many people find this a difficult task to actually muster up in their daily life. This statement doesn’t just apply to those individuals in recovery, but actually relates to people from all walks of life, with all sorts of afflictions, from just about everywhere on the planet. This may sound like an over exaggeration but in reality, very few of us engage in behaviors that are healthy for us or promote our ability to love ourselves, and even fewer of us recognize the fact that underlying all of our insecurities and fears is a deep seated self-rejection that must be met with self-love.

Although this attitude of self-hate is prevalent in a great majority of the population, for those who suffer from alcoholism or addiction, not addressing it could have devastating consequences. An individual who does not love themselves, and does not suffer from addiction, can go through their entire life without learning how to engage in self-love, albeit they will be miserable, but for those people who have addiction issues, not learning to love themselves could result in a relapse back into addiction, which could result in incarceration, severe health issues or even death.

So let’s take a look at ways that you can begin to engage in self-love in sobriety, and how you can learn to shake off the self-rejection that may have followed you, unknowingly, most of your life.

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love in Sobriety

  1. Work the Steps

The best way to engage in self-love is by working the Steps. Working the Steps will give you the first insight into what lead you down the path of addiction, and it will also give you the ability to not obsess over drinking and drugging. It will in many ways be the gateway to your new life.

  1. Attend Therapy

While the Steps will help tremendously with changing your life, they are not a catch all for everything that may ail you. Therapy is designed to help you uncover deep-seated beliefs that you have about yourself that may be contributing to your inability to love yourself. By attending therapy you give yourself the best possible chance at discovering and changing these beliefs.

  1. Eat Healthy

The old saying, “Your body is a temple” is not simply foddered, but becomes more and more true the older you get. If you eat well and treat your body well, you will begin to appreciate yourself more and more, because you will understand the importance of taking care of yourself.

  1. Exercise

Going along with eating well, exercising on a regular basis is a great way to learn how to love yourself. Not only will it help you experience an overall sense of wellbeing that cannot be achieved by other means, but also you will begin to feel better and want to take better care of yourself.

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  1. End Unhealthy Relationships

It is almost impossible to engage in self-love when you have unhealthy relationships floating around you. This doesn’t necessarily mean relationships with the opposite sex, but rather could simply mean friendships or family relationships that are just not good for you. By ending these relationships, and understanding that you do not need people in your life who are not good for you, you will begin to love yourself more.

  1. Read

Reading is a great way to engage in self-love, even if you don’t like to read. Often times we want to just binge watch Netflix, which while fun, is actually detrimental to our wellbeing. On the other hand, reading allows you to educate yourself, which is great for learning to love yourself, and also allows you to slow down your mind, which is important for many people in recovery.

  1. Meditate

Meditating is a great way to practice loving yourself, as it not only allows you to connect with something greater than yourself, but it also promotes wellbeing and happiness.

  1. Practice Your Hobbies

If you have a hobby then a great way to learn to love yourself is by engaging in activities related to that hobby. We can sometimes feel guilty, with all of the responsibilities that life brings, when we take some time out for ourselves, but this is integral in the act of learning to love yourself.

  1. Pray

Perhaps there is no better way to learn to love yourself than through prayer. Many people believe that praying is a time for great confessions to God about how you have “sinned” and how you need to repent, but this is not what pray needs to be about. Praying is simply a time to sit quietly and talk to whomever or whatever you believe in. Through this act, you can begin to learn that you are not as bad as you think you are and that in fact you are loved and worthy of love.

  1. Help Others

Lastly, helping others is a great way to learn to love yourself. Often time we focus on ourselves when it comes to practicing self-love, but in reality, an individual who loves themselves will be able to freely give and help others. Helping others builds self-esteem and it also allows you to feel good about who you are.

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